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Irini Konstantinidi is an excellent performer and a fantastic improviser.
— Eric Ineke - jazz drummer, academic
the vocal brilliance of Irini Konstantinidi is out of the question.
Irini Konstantinidi interprets with grace and expressive sobriety.
— Stefano Dentice - Roma in Jazz - May 2, 2018
Irini’s voice is pristine; she sings with honesty. Her lyrics speak directly to the listeners.
— Nathalie Freson - UK Vibe - April 29, 2018
...Irini Konstantinidi has achieved a very personal style with her lyrical, expressive, impressively crystal and accurate voice.
— Dimitris Trikas - Popaganda - January 3, 2015
Voices like Irini’s, proposing an open and contemporary version of jazz singing, are extremely rare.
— Nikos Fotakis - Kathimerini newspaper - May 17, 2014
Irini has set very high standards for singing with her performance in Horizon album.
— George Kontrafouris - jazz pianist, academic
Irini’s ethereal voice is really exciting when she’s improvising.
— Nikos Fotakis - Jazz & Tzaz - July/August 2012

Irini Konstantinidi is a well-established Greek jazz vocalist currently residing and performing in The Netherlands and Belgium. Reviews about Irini have highlighted her lyrical, expressive and impressively clear sound, with which she has achieved a very personal and refined interpretation of jazz. Audience and the press refer to her as the jazz voice of pure crystal that’s very exciting when she's improvising!

Her playful and creative approach to vocal improvisation and jazz phrasing makes her music performance unique. Scat singing is like an extension of her storytelling and imagination. Jazz is a game and she loves playing it!

Irini also enjoys writing lyrics for either original compositions or jazz standards (mainly for Wayne Shorter’s tunes), giving them a fresh interpretation with her adventurous phrasing and thought-provoking words. Her lyrics are inspired by her experiences and perception on the meaning of life. Her musical ideas derive from melodies that come up mostly while she’s scatting during a walk. A simple stroll that clears the mind offers a blank canvas for Irini to draw her musical sketches on.

Her peers agree on her versatile ability to combine a delicate vocal sound with a charismatic presence on stage. She is a performer that has something to say: one who loves developing new ideas on the spot while improvising and is strongly connected to the flow of performance whenever she sings. From a Thelonious Monk jazz standard song or a Wayne Shorter tune with her lyrics, to the original compositions or projects she undertakes, Irini always gives her true self and creates her own artistic rendition of the material.

Irini’s inquisitive character and growth mindset have led her to take a break from her well-established career as a jazz vocalist in her hometown and decide to pursue her dreams of travelling, performing and expanding her horizon and academic credentials.

Living in The Netherlands since 2016, she has completed her Master in Jazz Vocals at the Royal Conservatoire of The Hague (May 2018) and has collaborated as a vocalist and lyricist with Nomadic Treasures project. The group’s debut album CD was recorded in January 2018 and was released by the Italian label A.MA records in April 2018. Meanwhile, she started writing her own songs that embodied her elegant musical identity and reflected her rich vocal kaleidoscope. The fruit of this internal journey was entitled “Little Confessions” and was presented for the first time at her Master’s Final recital and later on, during her performance in the Summertime Festival in The Hague.

Passionate about jazz and improvisation, she dares to take the less travelled path, one that leads to the innermost connection to the music and her honest emotions. Her voice represents the clarity of the Greek blue sea, her soul reflects the lightness and delicacy of a butterfly and her singing delivers the freedom of a migrating bird.