Irini Konstantinidi LITTLE CONFESSIONS

Irini’s own songs and compositions of Argentinian composer/multi-instrumentalist Roman Gomez with her lyrics.

Irini Konstantinidi - vocals, lyrics, compositions

Vivienne ChuLiao - piano 

Alessio Bruno - double bass

Jacopo Zanette - drums


Avishai Darash - compositions, piano

Irini Konstantinidi - lyrics, vocals

Daniele Cappucci - double bass

Joan Terol Amigó - drums

Debut album release by A.MA records

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MONK-A-NING  Irini Konstantinidi Quintet plays Thelonious Monk


Irini Konstantinidi - vocals

Manos Theodosakis - trumpet

Georgios Tsolis - piano

Grigoris Theodoridis - double bass

Jacopo Zanette - drums

SILVER LINING tribute to Horace Silver

Panos Tziniolis - drums

Periklis Trivolis - double bass

Markos Chaidemenos - piano

Yiannis Papanastasiou - alto sax

Dimitris Papadopoulos - trumpet

Irini Konstantinidi - vocals

JAZZ BOUND project


Irini Konstantinidi - vocals

in a bass & voice duet with Ntinos Manos

in duet with pianist Georgios Tsolis

in trio with Yiannis Papadopoulos (piano) and Kostas Patsiotis (double bass)


Irini Konstantinidi - vocals, lyrics

Yiannis Papadopoulos - piano

Ntinos Manos - double bass

Thanos Hatzianagnostou - drums, compositions

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