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Irini Konstantinidi "Little Confessions" at Summertime Festival in Grote Markt, The Hague

  • Grote Markt, Den Haag Grote Markt Den Haag, ZH Netherlands (map)
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Irini Konstantinidi - voice

Vivienne ChuLiao - piano

Alessio Bruno - double bass

Jacopo Zanette - drums


More info:

Irini’s crystal clear voice is expressing her open heart and deepest emotions with honesty. While singing her own songs and the compositions of Argentinian composer Roman Gomez with her lyrics, she unfolds the stories of her life to the audience. Irini’s little confessions bear her expressive, narrative and elegant musical identity and encompass rich melodies, beautiful harmonies and flowing rhythms, highlighted by a wonderfully tight rhythm section. She sings about “falling” in love and rising up again, about the joy of life, the lessons learned, the adventure of the journey and the fulfillment of dreams.

Passionate about jazz and improvisation, Irini dares to take the less travelled path, one that leads to the innermost connection to the music and her own truth. Her voice represents the clarity of the Greek blue sea, her soul reflects the lightness and delicacy of a butterfly and her singing delivers the freedom of a migrating bird.