Konstantinidi’s sunny voice enters immediately over the odd-meter groove of “Gnawa Vibe, New Born,” making it clear that this is vocal-oriented music (she does a bit of scatting on this one, as well).
— Mark Sullivan - All about Jazz - May 28, 2018

Orientato in pieno solco contemporary jazz, Nomadic Treasures è un album che, irrefutabilmente, rimane impresso per ricchezza e abbondanza di contenuti, nonchè per una sapida melodiosità di pregevole fattura.
— Stefano Dentice - Roma in Jazz - May 2, 2018

A collection of original songs about all types of journeys and soul-searching, carefully penned by the Greek jazz vocalist Irini Konstantinidi and musically arranged by Avishai Darash.

The album opens up with Gnawa Vibe / New Born, and immediately we are introduced to Irini Konstantinidi’s impressive tonal range. Her lower vocals later on perfectly fit this rhythmic piece.

...die stimmliche Brillanz von Irini Konstantinidi außer Frage steht. ...Das erscheint einem Mantra gleich, begleitet von markanten Tastenakzenten. „The new born the hope ...“ kann man aufschnappen.
— Jos Demol - Jazzhalo.be - July 20, 2018
...listen to the dark, attractively melodic and musically complete “HORIZON”. A mature and stylish album.
— Dimitris Trikas - Eleuftherotypia newspaper - October 4, 2014

The Wonderfall Quartet, a jazz group with a clear and complete aesthetic suggestion.
Their sound is a lyrical approach to contemporary jazz in direct dialogue with what’s the case today in the European scene and especially the Scandinavian one.
The Wonderfall Quartet have nothing less than the best of their European colleagues.
On the contrary, the fact that they write songs mostly, instead of instrumental compositions, differentiates them significantly from the average, as even in an international level, voices proposing an open and contemporary version of jazz singing, are extremely rare.
— Nikos Fotakis - Kathimerini newspaper - May 17, 2014

One of the most fascinating albums of 2014.
...this quartet delivers an array of wonderful sound landscapes in this second album, which is full of lyricism and romance.
— Panagiotis Stathopoulos - Popaganda - January 14, 2015

One of the most loved albums of 2014.
With a more personal style and their compositions developing into songs, they achieve their own style and sound.
— Makis Milatos - Athens Voice - January 18, 2015
The result, reflected in the group’s debut album, is characterized by an intense element of lyricism, embellished with unexpected rhythmic variations and an almost pagans mystic dynamism.
— Nikos Fotakis - Jazz & Tzaz magazine - July/August 2012

An album that’s flowing like water right through the spring of classical jazz.
— Makis Milatos - Athens Voice – “Albums of the year 2012”

Open melodies, that follow the pattern of “european” style (the french, let’s say in the warmer moments or the nordic climate in the cooler ones,...)...
— Fontas Trousas - Jazz & Tzαz magazine – February 2012

This debut CD of a Greek quartet promises to offer atmospheric jazz with lyricism and fascinating improvisations... something like an invitation to a velvet, internal shelter.
— Madame Figaro magazine (GR) – February 2012