Use your voice as an improvising instrument

Jazz Singing is a priceless educational process, in which the singer is getting to know his/her voice, appreciates its multiple expressive potentials and learns to use it as a musical instrument. Meanwhile, he/she discovers the magic of jazz music and improvisation and enjoys the unique experience of artistic expression and freedom! 

Mastering vocal technique and improvisation skills in Jazz Singing.

Vocal technique: breath management and development of vocal tone, range and volume.

The mission is to accomplish a "powerful" vocal instrument (making the best of all its range, volume and tone), which will allow the singer to acquire all the musical, expressive and improvisational skills, in order to be able to perform with musicality, self-confidence, freedom and pure joy!
After all Jazz Singing means to be able to use your voice as a musical instrument! 

Jazz Singing: mastering jazz phrasing and improvisation.

The singer is getting familiar with the swing feel, learns how to manage legato and syncopation and starts to develop phrasing skills. He/she masters the jazz vocabulary and obtains his/her personal jazz articulation in vocal improvisation (scat singing). While cultivating the rhythmic variety and phrasal fluency, at the same time the singer reinforces his/her creativity, imagination and personal aesthetics, that will allow him/her to become self-confident and go deeper in any jazz style.

The final goal is to be able to improvise instantly within any given melody, over any harmonic progression or rhythmic context, to "fit in" the musical environment and to be in a constant "interplay" with the rest of the musicians.

Irini Konstantinidi