Teaching Jazz Vocals at Koorenhuis

I'm very excited about teaching jazz vocals and scat singing at Koorenhuis! 
I love being a part of this amazing artist network of The Hague.

Through Koorenhuis I offer individual classes of vocal technique (based on a constructive combination of classical principles as well as CVT elements) that can guide each student to the utmost of his/her vocal skills, according to each one's own style and needs. Also, I give individual and group courses of jazz improvisation, deepening into phrasing, scat singing and how to use the voice as a unique musical instrument, acquiring a personal style and sound identity!

Jazz is a universal language and learning to "speak Jazz" is priceless! As an educator, I aspire to transfer my passion for scat singing and spontaneous creativity to anyone that wishes to dive into the magical and playful world of jazz!

I will be excited to meet you at Koorenhuis and share my passion for jazz with you!
For more information about the classes I offer, check my detailed list of different courses and don't hesitate to contact me via Koorenhuis website or directly to my personal email you will find at the Contact tab.

You can also follow my Jazz Singing Page on Facebook.